What is Human Risk?

"The risk of people doing something they shouldn't or not doing something they should." It's the largest risk facing most organisations in the Knowledge Economy and is the focus of my work and this website....
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A website dedicated to the subject of Human Risk. If this is your first time...

About Me

I'm a passionate advocate for bringing Behavioural Science (BeSci) to Compliance and Risk Management. My...


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""An absolute tour de force of a presentation about managing Human Risk, drawing on super interesting behavioural insights""

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""A brilliant end to Day 1 thanks to Christian Hunt on managing Human Risk. Food for thought; people have willful blindness, give people a sense of control (even if there isn't any real control!)""

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""To reduce human risk don’t set more rules or policy but influence and nudge behaviour. Treat people like adults. Don’t rely on tech. Great presentation""

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""A fantastic take from Christian Hunt on creating a culture where everyone thinks for themselves and acts in the organisation's best interests""

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