What is Human Risk?

Human Risk is a Behavioural Science-led Consulting and Training Firm, specialising in the fields of Risk, Compliance, Conduct, and Ethics. We help our clients mitigate the biggest risk facing their organisation: People. What we refer to as Human Risk....
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Keynote Speaker on Human Risk and Behavioural Science, speaking at conferences, events and off-sites. The...


Advice and support on the deployment of Behavioural Science in the design, review and enhancement...


Workshops, webinars and courses on Behavioural Science concepts and techniques. The focus is on teaching...


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"An absolute tour de force of a presentation about managing Human Risk, drawing on super interesting behavioural insights"

World Forum Disrupt

"I was very impressed with your segment on Bringing Science to Compliance and was wondering whether you were interested in coming in and delivering something just as fantastic?"

The European Compliance Conference

"To reduce human risk don’t set more rules or policy but influence and nudge behaviour. Treat people like adults. Don’t rely on tech. Great presentation"

World Forum Disrupt

"A brilliant end to Day 1 thanks to Christian Hunt on managing Human Risk. Food for thought; people have willful blindness, give people a sense of control (even if there isn't any real control!)"

World Forum Disrupt

"Thank you for the fantastic presentation. Your approach to compliance is spot on!"

Compliance Training

"A fantastic take from Christian Hunt on creating a culture where everyone thinks for themselves and acts in the organisation's best interests"

World Forum Disrupt

"On behalf of The Risk Council’s members, I would like to say a HUGE thanks for your great intellectual contribution yesterday. You delivered a brilliant opening speech and your answers/comments during the free-flowing discussion were..."

European Risk Council


Like many things involving people, Human Risk is so much more fun when we look at it together rather than on our own. Need help?...
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