The Human Risk Podcast

Introducing the Human Risk Podcast!

In each episode, I explore Human Risk with the help of Behavioural Science practitioners, people who have experienced Human Risk at first hand, leading researchers and innovative thinkers.  

Also on this page are links to episodes of other people’s podcasts that I have appeared on.

Latest Episodes

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I have also appeared on a number of other people’s podcasts. Rest assured that I only agree to go on podcasts I rate highly, so every one of these is worth subscribing to.

These are listed in alphabetical order…

All Things Risk

As the name implies, The AllThingsRisk podcast is focussed on…risk. In this episode (115) entitled How To Understand Human Risk, I chat with presenter Ben Cattaneo about Human Risk from a risk practitioner’s perspective.

Visit the AllThingsRisk website for the show notes and links to subscribe and follow @Riskthings on Twitter.

Behavioral Grooves

Behavioral Grooves is a BeSci podcast with a musical twist. In this episode (86) entitled Mitigating Human Risk and The Algorithmic Mind, I talk to hosts Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan about the Human part of Human Risk.

Then in episode (122) entitled Don’t outsource your critical thinking, I talked about the Coronavirus.

Visit the Behavioral Grooves website for the show notes and links to subscribe and follow @behavioralgroov on Twitter.

It’s all just a bunch of BS…

It’s all just a bunch of B(ehavioral) S(cience) is a podcast that is designed for people whose work involves humans. In this episode (19) Bringing Science to Compliance or When Good People Do Bad Things I talk to host Nick Hobson about my specialism and how I became an accidental Behavioural Scientist.

Visit the It’s all just a bunch of BS for the show notes and follow @nickmhobson on Twitter.


Risktory is a podcast looking at history through the lens of risk. Usually host Jacinthe Galpin, features a historical event and dissects it with her risk brain. On this occasion, she asked me to be her Risktorian Of The Month.

Visit the Risktory website for show notes and links to subscribe and follow @Risktory on Twitter.

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