Keynote Speaker

Christian is a regular keynote speaker on Human Risk and Behavioural Science (BeSci). This page includes recordings of in-person & virtual presentations, interviews, TV appearances & webinars.

Recent topics he has spoken about, include:

Human Risk
– why people are the biggest single risk facing most organisations;
– how organisations inadvertently make this worse;
– why experience makes us more, rather than less risky; and
– ways we can increase Human Reward and reduce Human Risk.

Bringing Science to Ethics & Compliance (E&C)
– the flaws in traditional approaches to E&C;
– E&C as influencers of decision-making;
– using Behavioural Science to increase the level & quality of Compliance; and
– how to future-proof your E&C framework and approach.

Innovation Risk
– why we are naturally resistant to change;
– common errors we make when faced with upheaval;
– how technology counter-intuitively increases Human Risk; and
– what we can do to be more resilient & respond to change.

Ethics & Compliance in the 21st century
– why E&C needs a re-brand;
– ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’;
– the skills you need to be a 21st Century E&C Officer; and
– how to get them.

  • The Application of Behavioral Science to Compliance
  • Using Behavioural Science in Compliance
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessments
  • Human Risk
  • Managing Human Risk in today's world
  • A Risk based approach to Compliance