BeSci Training

Workshops, webinars and courses on Behavioural Science concepts and techniques.

The training is designed to introduce you and your team to BeSci and how you can apply it in Ethics & Compliance. It uses simple explanations and frameworks to cover both the findings of academic research and real-world use cases; including Christian’s practical experience of deploying BeSci in Ethics & Compliance contexts.

Sessions range from two hours to an entire day and can be delivered in person or virtually. You can either attend one of Christian’s regular workshops or have a bespoke virtual or in-person session, tailored to your specific Ethics & Compliance challenges.

Attendees will learn practical skills and frameworks that can immediately be deployed in solving day to day problems. By the end of the session, they’ll have new ways of thinking about solving the problems they’re facing, and an understanding of Behavioural Science concepts that underpin them.

Examples of recent training courses include:

“Behavioural Science Basics”
“How to write Behaviourally
Intelligent Policies”
The Behavioural Science of Better
Client Conversations
The Behavioural Science of
Investment Decisions
Using Behavioural Science to
manage Operational Risk
“Bringing Science to Compliance”
“Finding Your Voice”:
empowering staff to speak up
How Behavioural Science
can support Employee Volunteering
Psychological Safety
Using Behavioural Science
to beat “Fear of Failure”