Newsletter Survey Results

I recently asked subscribers to my Human Risk newsletter, for feedback.

For transparency and to allow me to respond to some of the suggestions made, here is a summary of the results. Thanks to all of you that responded.

Question 1 – What do you think of the newsletter?

Question 2 – The frequency of the newsletter is…

On this basis, I’ll be keeping it at on the current bi-weekly schedule.

3. The length of the newsletter is…

On this basis, I’ll also be keeping it at roughly the same length.

4. Your suggestions

Additional links for topics for those interested to know more.I will try to include more links in future editions.
Skipping some of the repetitive and recurring statements at the beginning of the newsletter.I have cut these down. However, given the number of new subscribers that use them, I will be retaining them in that location. Other readers said they liked the summary section.
The text and pictures come out real big and causes a lot of scrolling. I would make the text shorter and skip the part about subscription in the beginningNoted. I will see what I can do. The challenge is that different mail software programs, render the content differently. What looks big on yours, may look different on others.

See above on standard text and below on text length: other readers want more text!
It’s great that you highlight some stories, but it would be even better if you could write something more about them.I am looking into ways of sharing more on the stories, whilst also catering to those who want less text. One innovation I’m trialling is video inserts that would allow those who want more detail, to get it.
Better visual layoutIt would be helpful to have more detail on exactly what you don’t like. I’ve had lots of comments saying the opposite! Happy to make changes if I can.
Try it to have as few links behind paywalls as possible.This is a good point. I try not to, but often I don’t realise things I’m linking to are paywalled. I will add a feature that highlights when links are paywalled. That should make me more aware!
More book recommendations – or top list to read Top 10 List of concrete management tools/processes/ approaches we can learn from BeSci (Best practice)I’m working on including links to more resources on my website.
Could be a great source of info on upcoming BeSci events in addition to the ones Christian is giving.I referenced Samuel Salzer’s excellent newsletter in the last edition. He does it far better than I could!
Would prefer to get your content on Instagram which I browse in leisure time whereas at my work email I don’t have as much timeThis is an interesting idea. I am looking into distributing on social media as well as by email.
A few more things we could use in our day to day life included.Noted. I will see what I can find.