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Newsletter Archive

Previous editions of the newsletter are available below with links to individual articles.

Vegas Parking Ticket Edition

1. A cancelled festival and a fire at a record label provides a double dose of Human Risk in action in the music industry;

2. I highlight a common Cognitive Bias by looking at how pilots react to tales of near-misses;
3. A BeSci Intervention from Las Vegas that encourages people to pay their parking fines;

4. Research into whether complex rules are more likely to be broken is Something that made me thinkand

5. My Something for the weekend recommendation is a podcast that looks at the astonishing failures behind the construction of an airport in Berlin.

Election Edition

1. An Economist’s unfortunate choice of words is an example of Human Risk in action;

2. A pollster who didn’t believe his own poll illustrates an important Cognitive Bias;

3. A supermarket uses a BeSci Intervention to discourage people from using plastic bags with interesting results;

4. UK broadcasters keep making unfortunate mispronunciations of a high profile politician’s name. Why it happens is Something that made me think; and

5. A cartoon that explains how to present detailed information is my Something for the weekend recommendation.

Theranos Edition

1. The Eurovision song contest provides a case-study of Human Risk in action;

2. A US chatshow segment illustrates some Cognitive Biases;

3. A Netflix employee develops a lovely BeSci Intervention by re-designing an everyday object

4. An academic paper written by someone who was hijacked is Something that made me think; and

5. In Something for the weekend, I recommend a podcast, book and movie on the subject of Theranos.

Hindsight Edition

1. A costly order-taking error in a restaurant that became a masterclass in managing the aftermath of Human Risk in action;

2. A Taylor Swift inspired Cognitive Bias;

3. A BeSci Intervention that uses emoji to promote cybersecurity;

4. Research that explores why fitness trackers and habit changing Apps that use “streaks” to encourage us might not be such a good idea, is Something that made me think; and

5. In Something for the weekend, I recommend a book that explores how BeSci can provide creative solutions to life’s problems

McMistakes Edition 

1. A prime example of Human Risk in action at Boeing;

2. In the Bi-weekly Cognitive Bias I highlight the power of a technique called Re-Framing; 

3. A BeSci Intervention I really like called McMistakes, courtesy of the Golden Arches;

4. Some research on BullSh1tt1ng is Something that made me think; and

5. In Something for the weekend, I recommend an exhibition of World War II propaganda posters.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Edition

1. What the Notre-Dame cathedral fire can teach us about“Human Risk in action”;

2. In the Bi-weekly Cognitive Bias, I highlight something that makes us susceptible to believing conspiracy theories; 

3. A BeSci Intervention from Le Monde newspaper that is a prime example of sludge;

4. In Something that made me think, I explore when we’re likely to overestimate our abilities and when we’re likely to underestimate them; and

5. The Something for the weekend recommendation is a podcast that helps Californians prepare for an earthquake. It’s more relevant to you than you might think.

Launch Edition

  1. Human Risk in action courtesy of British Airways;
  2. Why rules can sometimes make things less safe than rule makers might intend;
  3. a BeSci intervention from the World Wildlife Fund that encourages us to use less paper;
  4. some academic research that highlights a simple way we can improve our chances of sticking to commitments; and
  5. a new book on the Science of Storytelling that reveals much about how we process information.

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Archive Index

7. 🎰🚘 Vegas Parking Fine Edition 8th July 2019

6. ✅✅ Election Edition 25th June 2019

5. 💉💉 Theranos Edition 10th June 2019

4. 🍑 👀 Hindsight Edition 27th May 2019

3. 🍔❗️McMistakes Edition  13th May 2019

2. ⛪️ 🇫🇷 Notre-Dame Cathedral Edition 29th April 2019

1. 🚀 📰 Launch Edition 15th April 2019

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