Compliance Communication Toolkit

On this page, you’ll find resources from the Compliance Communication Toolkit (CCT), a collaboration with & Richard Bistrong of Front-Line Anti-Bribery

As Ethics & Compliance professionals adjust to the changes imposed by COVID, there are skills which they will need to master to remain effective in their roles and communicate effectively with their target audience.

Techniques that worked well with a physical audience, might not work quite so well with a virtual or indeed hybrid audience. As Richard & I adjusted our own business models and skills to reflect the new environment, we wanted to share what we’ve learned with the wider Ethics & Compliance community

CCT will explore the ‘soft’ skills for how to have better virtual interactions, and the ‘hard’ aspects, such as the technology that can help you be more effective.

We’re releasing Videos to make you aware of key issues and OneSheet guides that will give you practical guidance on how to have better virtual interactions. You’ll find them below.

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‘One Sheet’ Guides

Below you’ll find our first ‘One Sheet’ guide, to help you lead stronger virtual sessions.

You can download a high-quality copy (for personal use only) via the ‘Download’ link below.


Catch up on the latest videos from our YouTube channel below:

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  • Ep. 2 Planning Your Virtual Session
  • Ep. 3 Planning Hybrid Sessions
  • Ep. 4 Technology Troubles
  • Ep. 5 - Argentinian training
  • Ep. 6 - Brazilian Training


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